Jack Burton (Feat. Tim Dean)

from by The Bone Pounder

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"I can cut the bottle, and the bottle won't crack!"
So let's make a bet?
"Nothin' or double jack!"
Cat reflexes, or he get the bone,
What happened Wang?
"It always works at home!"
One Thousand One Hundred Forty 8 Times Two
I can pay you later- I got some things to do
Kick it to the airport let the story begin
The lords of death creepin' up on mow yin

Now you can't mess with Jack, watch what you say
Once you bring the noise, "Son of a bitch must pay."
They got this sort of clubhouse where they sharpen their knives
Lords of Death, Wing Kong, better run for your lives
Turn right now anLem Li's coffin hit the ground
It's a chinese stand-off Don't make a sound
Red and Yellow Turbans both tossed assunder
But it all comes down to lightning wind and thunder

It was The storms three storms! Brother, what you gonna do?
And then lo-pan that he drove over... no through!
Blind in the eyes though you feel no pain,
"Hey wang chi." They know your name...
Kick it to the Dragon, cuz you just been beaten raw
On a dark and stormy night enters gracie law
A girl with green eyes will fetch twice the price
And the White Tiger is where they gonna treat you nice

They have soothed the savage heart, and tamed the burning blade
Two girls with green eyes that have made the grade
He'll kill gracie law and take mow yin as a bride
Have you sent to the hell where you will be skinned alive
Egg Shen is on the scene, for what it's worth
Leading jack through the black blood of the earth
It's been his dream, his purpose, and never was a chore
And when the monster come, it will come out no more

Here's to the army and havy and the battles they have won
Here's to old glory's colors, that will never run
And may the wings of liberty, never lose feather
Now drink up boys, we've got to kill the weather
Huge Bugs, that's fine, these powers ain't a drag
But now I bet you're jealosu of that six demon bag
It's lo Pan's Wedding, Jack is Ready for the fight
He's the most brutal sidekick fighting on the side of right

Lo Pan lost gracie law, but took mow yin for his wife,
And now that he's flesh he tells jack, "Nice Knife"
But don't say goodbye to soon, and cry into your klneexes
Because when you mess with Jack? "It's all in the reflexes!"
Ain't no thing, he's got skills that you can't redress
And make your big escape in the porkchop express
Jack and Wang brought the noise and turned it to eleven,
Cause it's big trouble, little china, shake the pillars, of heaven

Jack! Jack!
He just wants his truck back.
Story of a hero
You don't want to attack
Jack! Jack!
You got the girl back
Story of a hero
you don't want to attack


from Songs from the Crypt, released July 15, 2016
The Bone Pounder, Tim Dean



all rights reserved


The Bone Pounder Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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